Charles Dickens Reading Group!

dickenswikiWe are excited to announce a new book group:
“CHARLES DICKENS: Social Justice, the City, and Christianity”

Brought to you by the CTS Library
Beginning Thursday, February 6th, 2014 @5:15-6:30PM
(Room 173, Christian Theological Seminary)


“Dickens for a Year”

Throughout the year, most final Thursday evenings of the month will be set aside to discuss the works of Charles Dickens in the context of “social justice, the city, and Christianity,” as relevant to members of the CTS and local Indianapolis community.  The “Dickens Club” will convene at 5:15PM in Room 173 at Christian Theological Seminary to begin discussions of the monthly assigned text.  Discussions will be facilitated by the CTS Library Director, and last officially until 6:30PM, though participants are encouraged to continue discussions beyond that time, if desired.

The group will read both major and minor works of Dickens, both fiction and non-fiction, and place these works within the context of history, theology, social justice, ethics, and ministry, where we will consider their relevance to the work done by members of our communities today.  We will ask such questions as:  what is social justice?  What are the critiques on our systems of commerce, society, and power?  What role does the idea and reality of “the city” play in history and in the present?  And how is Dickens relevant to us today—to our communities, to our city, to our neighborhoods, to our understanding of vocation?   Questions? —Contact Anthony Elia, Library Director (  RSVP for limited seating.  Some titles will be available in the CTS bookstore.

Tentative Schedule for 2014-2015:

February 6th, 2014 (Thursday)@5:15PM—Context and Introduction to Dickens
READING: American Notes and Pictures from Italy (1842; 1846)

February 27th, 2014 (Thursday) @5:15PM—Small Novel & Big Critiques
READING: Hard Times (1854)

March 27th, 2014 (Thursday) @5:15PM—Society, Ambition, and Redemption?
READING:  Great Expectations (1861)

April 24th, 2014 (Thursday) @5:15PM—Developing Characters, Developing Dickens
READING:  Sketches By Boz (1839)


May:  The Old Curiosity Shop
June:  Barnaby Rudge
July:  The Pickwick Papers
August:  Nicholas Nickleby
September:  Our Mutual Friend; Little Dorrit
October:  Martin Chuzzlewit
November:  A Tale of Two Cities; Oliver Twist
December:  Dombey and Son; “The Life of Our Lord” (not published till 1933)
January:  Bleak House
February:  David Copperfield


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