*NEW FACULTY RELEASE* Re-Storying Your Faith

Suzanne M. Coyle, Associate Professor of Theology and Marriage and Family, has recently written and released the following book:

Re-Storying Your Faith
by Suzanne M. Coyle

Circle Books, 2013

From the back of the book:

Re-Storying Your Faith has caught our culture’s imagination from nouveau experiences of spirituality through channeling and meditation to traditional spiritual practices of personal devotions, scripture reading, and prayer. Building on Christian spirituality, the spiritual practice of re-storying our faith offers people an everyday experience of discovering multiple faith stories to give meaning to their spiritual journey. Built into this process is a way of discovering individual uniqueness as well as sharing discovered stories in faith communities, whether it is a Sunday school class or a group of like-minded friends.

“…extends to us the invitation to experience and re-experience God’s intimate involvement in the everyday events of our lives over time.” Chris Dolman, Teaching Faculty, Dulwich Centre, Adelaide, South Australia