*NEW FACULTY RELEASE* Acts of the Apostles (Fortress Biblical Preaching Commentaries)

Ron Allen, Professor of Preaching and Gospels and Letters, has written a new commentary on Acts:


Acts of the Apostles
(Fortress Biblical Preaching Commentaries)
by Ronald J. Allen

Fortress Press, 2013

From the back of the book:

How can preachers make the book of Acts come alive not only during Eastertide – when passages from Acts are included in the lectionary – but throughout the church year? Ron Allen’s Acts of the Apostles helps the preacher indentify possibilities for preaching based on texts and themes in the book of Acts, offering a basic exegetical framework for interpreting passages in Acts in their historical, literary, rhetorical, and theological contexts. Throughout his commentary, Allen examines the relationship of Acts to the Gospel of Luke, discussing parallel passages between the two volumes and observing how themes in the Gospel carry forward into Acts. Acts of the Apostles will help to renew understanding of this too often understudied book for the life of the church.

“Ron Allen’s new commentary on Acts is a gem for preachers. Allen honors the otherness of Biblical texts and helps interprets engage critically the theological issues that emerge out of struggling faithfully with them. In the process, Allen invites all of us through his commentary to bear our own witness to the realm of God in today’s church.” David Schnasa Jacobsen, Boston University School of Theology

“For the preacher who feels as if Luke’s Gospel is just getting started, Allen’s commentary tells the rest of the story with theological and hermeneutical accessibility and depth. The literary and thematic integration of Luke and its second volume as homiletical principle and potential for interpreting Acts has never been more promising.” Karoline M. Lewis, Luther Seminary, Saint Paul, Minnesota