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*NEW FACULTY RELEASE* Uncovering Spiritual Narratives

Suzanne M. Coyle, associate professor of pastoral theology and marriage and family therapy, has a new book on spirituality and narrative:


Uncovering Spiritual Narratives:
Using Story in Pastoral Care and Ministry
by Suzanne M. Coyle

Fortress Press, 2014

From the back of the book:

Using narrative therapy as a caregiving approach can help individuals uncover multilayered narratives that are complex and liberating. In Uncovering Spiritual Narratives, Suzanne Coyle contends that not only are these more complex narratives more helpful in giving our lives meaning, they also critique the cultural discourses in which they arose. Drawing on both theological approaches and real life experiences, Coyle creates a contextual pastoral theology that helps caregivers find the power of God in people’s stories. (more…)


*NEW FACULTY RELEASE* Acts of the Apostles (Fortress Biblical Preaching Commentaries)

Ron Allen, Professor of Preaching and Gospels and Letters, has written a new commentary on Acts:


Acts of the Apostles
(Fortress Biblical Preaching Commentaries)
by Ronald J. Allen

Fortress Press, 2013

From the back of the book:

How can preachers make the book of Acts come alive not only during Eastertide – when passages from Acts are included in the lectionary – but throughout the church year? Ron Allen’s Acts of the Apostles helps the preacher indentify possibilities for preaching based on texts and themes in the book of Acts, offering a basic exegetical framework for interpreting passages in Acts in their historical, literary, rhetorical, and theological contexts. Throughout his commentary, Allen examines the relationship of Acts to the Gospel of Luke, discussing parallel passages between the two volumes and observing how themes in the Gospel carry forward into Acts. Acts of the Apostles will help to renew understanding of this too often understudied book for the life of the church. (more…)

*NEW FACULTY RELEASE* Re-Storying Your Faith

Suzanne M. Coyle, Associate Professor of Theology and Marriage and Family, has recently written and released the following book:

Re-Storying Your Faith
by Suzanne M. Coyle

Circle Books, 2013

From the back of the book:

Re-Storying Your Faith has caught our culture’s imagination from nouveau experiences of spirituality through channeling and meditation to traditional spiritual practices of personal devotions, scripture reading, and prayer. Building on Christian spirituality, the spiritual practice of re-storying our faith offers people an everyday experience of discovering multiple faith stories to give meaning to their spiritual journey. Built into this process is a way of discovering individual uniqueness as well as sharing discovered stories in faith communities, whether it is a Sunday school class or a group of like-minded friends.

“…extends to us the invitation to experience and re-experience God’s intimate involvement in the everyday events of our lives over time.” Chris Dolman, Teaching Faculty, Dulwich Centre, Adelaide, South Australia

*NEW FACULTY RELEASE* Under the Oak Tree: The Church as Community of Conversation in a Conflicted and Pluralistic World

Ron Allen, Professor of Preaching and Gospels and Letters, edited and contributed to an important new book! Among the contributions, which include essays from the likes of Marjorie Suchocki and others, is an essay called “God as Conversational” by our very own Michael Miller, Associate Professor of Systematic and Philosophical Theology. This is a critical book for those interested in practical theology and the future of the church.

allen1Under the Oak Tree:
The Church as Community of Conversation in a Conflicted and Pluralistic World
eds. Ronald J. Allen, John S. McClure, and O. Wesley Allen Jr.

Cascade Books, 2014

From the back of the book:

Two trends in the early twenty-first century intersect to give this volume immediate relevance: (1) The emerging postmodern ethos in North America is calling into question many things we have taken for granted, including the purposes of the church. (2) Our time is increasingly fractious as groups with distinct worldviews become polarized and often antagonistic.

Eleven noted contributors join a growing current that sees conversation as an image to refresh our thinking about the nature and purpose of the church, and as a process in which individuals and communities with different perspectives come together for real understanding. (more…)

*NEW FACULTY RELEASE* Extremist for Love: Martin Luther King, Jr., Man of Ideas and Nonviolent Social Action

Rufus Burrow, Jr. – Indiana professor of Christian Thought and Professor of Theological Social Ethics and prolific Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. scholar – has a brand new book published by Fortress Press. Come get a copy at the bookstore!

burrow1Extremist for Love:
Martin Luther King, Jr., Man of Ideas and Nonviolent Social Action
by Rufus Burrow

Fortress Press, 2014

From the back of the book:

In spite of extensive research and publishing on Martin Luther King Jr., insufficient attention has been given to the convergence of ideas and action in his life. In an era where people are often sorted into the categories  of “thinker” and “doer,” King stands out – a rare mix of the deeply profound thinker and intellect who put the fruit of that reflection into the service of direct social action. (more…)