Theological Ponderment

Here’s an interesting collection of resources we’ve found on the web to assist in your theological ponderment. We also post about such things. We have a good collection of links and audio/video resources. Of course the CTS  page is also a good place to find sermons from chapel and other interesting videos.


Center for Faith and Vocation at Butler University (check out their annual seminar on religion and their new one on the arts!)

Center for Pastoral Excellence at Christian Theological Seminary

Englewood Review of Books – Great collection of new theological book reviews and random book giveaways! (at Englewood Christian Church in Indy)

Frank Thomas, professor of preaching at Christian Theological Seminary, has a website full of resources and information

Homebrewed Christianity – Liberal/progressive blog and podcast of two graduate students in theology

Rachel Held Evans – Blog of the very insightful and popular writer

Patheos – Very diverse blog collection for people of faith (including Butler’s James McGrath, Chris Smith and his Slow Church blog, Marcus Borg, Tony Jones, Formerly Fundie, Brian McLaren, Nadia Bolz-Weber, and others)



The Abundance Festival (audio)
Talks from Walter Brueggemann, John McKnight, and Peter Block
Broadway United Methodist Church in Indy, 5/29/14

Beyond the Box Podcast (audio)
Podcast for all things theology, full of conversations with prominent thinkers
iTunes podcast link

Christian Feminist Podcast (audio)
Insightful podcast tracing the history and important conversations about feminism and faith

Christianity and the U.S. Crisis Course at Union Theological Seminary (in NYC) (audio and video)
Team taught by Serene Jones, Gary Dorrien, and Cornel West
Offered only via iTunes U

Homebrewed Christianity Podcast (audio)
Liberal/progressive blog and podcast of two graduate students in theology
Podcast page – iTunes podcast link for main station

Michael Sandel’s (Harvard University) course on Justice (video)
An undergraduate course on political philosophy by a master teacher
Also available from iTunes U
Bonus: interesting interview with Sandel on his newest book on the topic

On Being w/ Krista Tippet (audio)
Weekly conversations on religion, meaning, ethics, and ideas hosted by NPR
iTunes podcast link

Open Culture (audio and video)
Site full of free educational resources audio and video
Hosts tons of free courses on many subjects including art, film, history, philosophy, and religion

Slow Church Conference (audio)
Talks from  David Fitch, Willie Jennings, Carol Johnston, Phil Kenneson, Christine Pohl, Mike Bowling & Chris Smith
Check out also the Slow Church book
Englewood Christian Church in Indy, 4/3/14 – 4/5/14


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